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"The Last Waltz of the It*Men" DVD
DVD Cover
Disc One:
1- Tell You the Truth
2- Come and Get Some
3- Baby I’m Your Man
4- That’s Not the Way I Heard It
5- W.I.P.G.A.S.
6- Doing Drugs for You
7- Altamonster
8- (You Gotta) Pay the Man
9- What’s Up, Action
10- Death Machine
Disc Two:
1- Screw the Pooch
2- Bowie Dick Test
3- (Lily the) Deepthroat Killer
4- Modified Cobra Position
5- Space Dancer
6- It*Men Stomp

This double-disc set combines the re-mastered 2004 release of Greatest Its along with six new songs recorded in 2013 when the band reformed to raise money for their lead singer Ken Janssen's diagnosis and ongoing battle with ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease).


“There’s an effortless 1970s power and acumen about the likes of Come and Get Some and Doing Drugs For You that’s imaginative and fearless.”
Classic Rock AOR Magazine

"…this double-album is a celebration of all that is righteous of rock music, as it touches on many different sub-genres such as punk, garage rock, hard rock, and post-punk, plus it features such perfect sex-obsessed lyrics concerned with pick-ups, come-ons, missed opportunities, and all in between."
Verbicide Magazine

"…fronted by one leather-lunged Ken Jannsen The It*Men are a shotgun marriage of  Stooges/MC5 Motor City fuh and Pere Ubu/Electric Eels Clevo art-skronk…"
Blurt Magazine

"The secret weapon is frontman Ken Janssen, who might look like an English Lit major, but sings like a cross between a National Wrestling Alliance grappler and a demented biker from some forgotten '60s TV cop show."
The Stash Dauber

"The marvellously titled ‘Doing Drugs For You’ is predicated on a supple bass line and rhythm track as part of a tightly wrapped piece that is ready to explode, which of course it does, on one of the best tracks on the album."
Get Ready to Rock-UK

Rex Manning Day Top 5 of the week


The Last Waltz of the It*Men DVD documents the momentus Benefit for Ken Janssen concert that took place on June 1st, 2013 along with the back-story of the It*Men's original 2004's rise and ruin.

Over the course of 90 minutes the It*Men perform every song in their "Greatest Its" catalog with some help from some of the finest singers from Cleveland, Ohio and elsewhere. The night turned into a loud and wild celebration of life and love of rock n’ roll that no one who attended will ever forget.

  Very special thanks to the following talented people, whose contribution and hard work has been invaluable. 


Video Editing - Gabriel O’Connor
Audio Mixing - Chris Russo
Voice-over - Edward Ángel Sotelo

Angelo Merendino
Shel Jane Greenberg
Kristin Nolan Cassidy


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